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Blacked is an adult entertainment website specializing in interracial porn. The website was launched in 2016 and has since gained popularity among fans of this particular niche.

Blacked features a variety of content, including videos and photos, with a focus on black men having sexual encounters with white women. The website also features content with black women and other races. The scenes range from one-on-one encounters to group sex and are often shot in high definition.

In addition to its interracial content, Blacked is known for its high-quality production values, with attention paid to lighting, sound, and camera work. The website features both established and up-and-coming performers and is updated regularly with new content.

Blacked has faced some controversy for its content, which some people believe perpetuates negative stereotypes about race and sexuality. However, the website has a large and dedicated following of fans who appreciate its unique focus and high-quality content.

In conclusion, Blacked is a well-known adult entertainment website that specializes in interracial porn. While it has faced some controversy, it has a large and dedicated following of fans who appreciate its unique content and high-quality production values.

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