Something Sticky - S9:E2, Lexi Lore Sex Tape

Publish Date:07.03.2019

Hot spinner Lexi Lore is into her stepbrother Ricky Spanish, yet her father Sebastian Diox is such a chicken square! Lexi starts her day by blazing her tits and ass at Ricky as they lounge around the morning meal table. She even ventures to such an extreme as to put her truly exposed pussy in plain view, despite the fact that she cools it when her father almost gets her in the demonstration. Afterward, Lexi exploits some alone time in her room by jerking off with the assistance of some pornography. Ricky hears what she's up to and endeavors to keep an eye on her, however Lexi knows he's there. She calls him in and proposes that they can do their thing together. With a little assistance from her stepbro, Lexi gets herself off with all the correct contacts to her tight twat. At the point when Ricky is prepared to bust a nut, Lexi educates him to cum on her boobs so he doesn't get the bed grimy. Still later, Lexi is indeed insulting Ricky regardless of her father being directly there in room. She works her stepbrother to a fever pitch, at that point holds up until her father has nodded off to jump. Ricky is a little stressed over screwing his stepsister when her father could wake up at any minute, yet after a BJ he concurs. He takes Lexi from behind so he can cover her mouth to help her hold the groan, at that point looks as his spinner sister rides his dick with her little tits ricocheting in his face. At the point when Lexi ends up on her back with her pussy beating, Ricky blows his heap inside her to give her an all out creampie that spills out onto the sofa, making a wet recognize that befuddles Lexi's father when he awakens.