My Sister And Her Friend - S6:E1

Publish Date:20.07.2019

Justin Hunt has dependably had the hots for his stepsister Pepper Hart. Who could accuse him when the very thin redhead is sizzling hot? At the point when Justin finds the opportunity to watch and record Pepper slip her bra and thong aside to stroke off until she cums, he takes it. Pepper pursues him off, however Justin realizes he'll need to keep an eye on her once more. He gets his opportunity when Pepper's companion Lexi Lore comes over for a sleepover. The peppy blonde is into Justin's advances, so when he cajoles his way into viewing the motion picture with the young ladies Justin gets a hands-on investigation of Lexi's tight ass. He whips out his dick and jumps over Lexi to begin screwing her. They pull off it for some time, yet in the long run Pepper takes note. Lexi quiets her companion down with a long kiss that slowly entices Pepper into participate. Getting Pepper to set down, Lexi covers her face in her better half's runway twat while Justin screws Lexi's bare grab until she's trembling. At the point when Justin at last finds the opportunity to blast his stespsister while Pepper's mouth is occupied with caressing Lexi's twat, he can't trust his karma! It shows signs of improvement when the young ladies cooperate to stroke him off into a climax that gives the two young ladies a facial they can share.